Ghanaian actor slams woman for saying alcohol drinkers don’t have sense

Ghanaian actor, Nana Tornado has slammed gospel singer Diana Asamoah for speaking against alcohol drinkers.

Nana Tornado slams woman for saying alcohol drinkers don't have sense

Diana Asamoah recently used the Bible to warn against alcohol drinking because those that partake in such don’t have sense.

According to her, those who support the drinking of alcohol can never allow a drunk driver drive them.

Reacting to her stance, Nana Tornado slammed her by saying she’s a mad woman.

“Diana Asamoah is a mad woman…The Bible even tells us that her Jesus Christ got drunk and slept deeply whilst travelling by ship on the sea with his disciples and the disciples had to scream his name several times before he woke up.” Tornado alleged.

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