Woman cuts maid with razor blade for stealing baby’s food

A woman identified as, Folake Ogunrinu has been arrested by the police in Oyo state after she allegedly cut her her maid with razor blade for stealing her baby’s food.

Woman cuts maid with razor blade for stealing baby’s food lailasnews

According to Punch Nigeria, the nursing mother had accused the victim of stealing her baby’s milk, in a bid to discipline her, subjected the girl to torture by allegedly using a razor blade to lacerate her on the back and hand, leaving the girl with severe injuries.

An eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, while condemning the action of the nursing mother, said the maid ran out of the house to get help from neighbours when she could no longer withstand the pain from the torture.

The eyewitness said,

“It pains me to see a small girl in such pain; it was a terrible scene. The woman accused the girl of stealing her baby’s milk and subjected her to such a horrible torture. According to the victim, the woman used a razor blade to lacerate her back and when she could no longer cope with the torture, she ran out of the house and the woman still chased after her.

“It was when the girl ran out that we saw what had happened to her and forcefully took her away and rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

“From what we were told, the woman gave birth to a set of twins some months back and I think the girl was brought to her by a church member to assist the woman for a year. As small as the girl is, the woman usually made her to do all the house chores. I wonder why the girl has still not returned to her parents.

“We reported the matter at the Sanyo Police Station; I just hope that from this incident, people will learn to keep their kids under their watch no matter the situation they are experiencing.”

A reliable source, who did not want his name in print, said the victim’s family had refused to press charges against the woman, adding that the family members were willing to settle the case out of court.

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