White daycare workers livestream themselves abusing a black child

Members of a community, Lubbock in Texas, were outraged this week over a video circulating on social media that showed White daycare workers abusing a toddler at a local daycare facility.

The video shows what appears to be an employee of My Little Playhouse Learning Center pulling a little girl’s hair while trying to get her to eat. Another adult is heard laughing in the background while filming the incident.

White daycare workers livestream themselves abusing a black child lailasnews 4

“No ma’am, eat your food,” the woman in the video tells the child.

The child’s mother and grandmother told local Fox 34 that they were “furious” when they saw the video online.

“I was at work, blood was just boiling,” said Laquitta Wilson, the girl’s mother. “I was just hurt. I can’t believe this. These people are crazy.”

Wilson, who wants charges brought against the woman who pulled her daughter’s hair, told Fox she will probably never send her kids to daycare again.

The Lubbock Police Department, which is investigating, has determined that the incident “occurred on a previous date,”

In a statement to Fox, My Little Playhouse Learning Center said that when the company was made aware of the video, “staff involved were fired immediately” and that local authorities and the Texas Department of Childcare Licensing were notified.Embedded video

Embedded video

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