Sophia Momodu reacts to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary

Sophia Momodu has reacted to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary, which was a major topic across social media platforms last week.

Sophia Momodu reacts to ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentary lailasnews

Sophia Momodu who has a message for those who think she is overprotective, said watching the ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentary just tripled her over-protectiveness of her girl child with Davido.

Sophia Momodu who reacted to the ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentary via Snapchat, wrote;

I watched surviving R Kelly (sick face emoji)If you think I am overly protective of my girl Child, I’ve got news for you…It jst trippled!!

Sophia Momodu reacts to ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentarySophia Momodu reacts to ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentary lailasnews

The ‘Surviving R Kelly’ documentary is an expansive look at the allegations against Mr. Kelly, a chart-topping artist whose history has invited extra scrutiny in recent years.

The series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” includes testimony from several women who accuse the singer of abuse, as well as commentary from Mr. Kelly’s critics, including the founder of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke, and the singer John Legend.

The six episodes, each an hour long, cover the long history of allegations against Mr. Kelly. They feature women who described being controlled or abused by him, often when they were teenagers, as well as associates and relatives of the singer.

Mr. Kelly has continuously denied the allegations against him. The documentary has become the subject of widespread attention and fierce debate on social media, with many expressing gratitude to the women who continue to tell their stories.

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