Man who killed mum and drank her blood caught after weeks on the run

A man who killed mum and drank her blood three weeks ago has finally been arrested after a man-hunt was launched to nab him.

Dilip Yadav, 27, allegedly drank 50-year-old Sumariya’s blood after killing her with an axe.

Man who killed mum and drank her blood caught after weeks on the run lailasnews 4

He then reportedly hacked her body into bits before tossing some of them on to a fire in a black magic ritual at their home, Zee News reports.

Yadav allegedly scoffed the rest and drank more of her blood before fleeing near Korba, India.

He is now behind bars after he was arrested 19 days later at a relative’s house.

Stunned neighbours claimed he was heavily influenced with sorcery and often spoke about human sacrifices.

And he confessed to investigators that he practised black magic, Yadav apparently attacked Sumariya after blaming her for wrecking his marriage.

Her superstitious son also branded her a witch who caused the early deaths of his dad and brother.

Forensic experts are said to have found ashes and charred bones at the “house of horrors” along with splatters of blood all over the walls and floor. Officers also recovered chunks of human flesh and a blood-drenched axe.

They believe Yadav killed his mother as a human sacrifice after finding black magic books.

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