Check out how Daniella Okeke’s bumbum was 10 years ago

Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke’s bumbum may be regarded as one of the most notable among female Nigerian celebrities.

The actress is known to always flaunt the assets and she is considered by many of her followers and critics, to be favoured in the industry just because of how heavily endowed she is.

Check out how Daniella Okeke's bumbum was 10 years ago lailasnews 2

Some have even said her bumbum is fake and she must have engaged in one of these body corrective surgeries.

Well, jumping on the currently trending #10yearsChallenge, the actress has posted a photo of her bum she took 10 years ago to prove to her critics that she has not done any surgery.

Posting the photo on Instagram, she wrote:
‘#10yearchallenge AND DEY SAID WE DID YANSH SURGERY 😂🤣😂 SMH’

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