Purpose is the most valuable idea on earth, because everything would lose it’s meaning if you take purpose out of it
-       Bilal Salau -

Most times people will slide into depression, leading to vices that could hinder the duration of their radiation or terminate its outburst completely. Over 300 million people around the world battle depression. Every 100 minutes a teenager takes his/her own life. Depression is very common during the teenage years, affecting about 20% of adolescents by the time they reach adulthood.

In Nigeria chronic depression affects one in every five adults. The fact that you are alive shows that a purpose has been attached to your life. What better than to find ways to nurture it.

‎When asked in an interview; Bilal Salau (Co Founder Way Media House, Founder Sparkinspire and Lead Mentor at Purpose Connect) stated why an individual should consider attending the mentoring sessions at Purpose Connect, an initiative he lunched in May 2017, which continues to thrive till present day.

Purpose Connect is not just a come to place, it’s not a come and just collaborate with people place or come and hear Bilal speak place, I promise you’d be stunned and wowed. Oh no! Purpose Connect is not an inspirational event, although every session in a pool of inspiration for the mentees.

Purpose Connect is a place of discovery and activation. The benefits of just a single session is so valuable that sometimes all it takes is one attendance. I have seen young people show up casual and when the session is over, believe me, you would see it in their eyes, this people are different, suddenly every thing average about them is changing. I am amazed at how the mind works sometimes, in one second you are one person and in the next second you are totally transformed. You could attend Purpose Connect and you’d be amazed 1 week later at how just one meeting could change your life.

Bilal went on to make some real claims that he backs up with his over 4 years’ experience as an impact focused leader.

A platform like Purpose Connect is focused on helping young people find clarity for life. It is a place of digging, where you invest time learning about all the super power inside of you. In the last 2years, Purpose Connect has become more like a community of people who believe that somewhere inside of them is something that is far greater and they just come to find the tools to unleash it and the more you discover, the more you can go farther and keep digging to find the genius in you. It is a mentoring place that even the atmosphere would enable you to discover the magic you carry.
Persis Julius, one of the team members of Sparkinspire and Purpose Connect says; before encountering Purpose Connect, I used to be afraid to share what I could do. However, I was fully aware that I could be more than I was. But as a mentee who has been attending Purpose Connect mentoring session for more than a year; Purpose Connect has streamlined me to be focused and not be restricted by anything, to be fearless. One thing I have learnt is the “You are gon’na die count down” Knowing that there is a countdown for my life motivates me to be useful to the world around me before it elapses. No one lives for ever and we only get one chance.

In conclusion, Bilal says that; Purpose Connect should be attended by only people who believe that they can do more. Attending should be inspired by believing that there is a purpose and a meaning to life; if so, then this place is built for you.


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