Offset’s father blasts Cardi B, blames her for family troubles

Offset’s father has taken to Facebook to get a few things off his chest in regards to Cardi B and Offset’s break-up drama.

Offset’s father described the divorce scandal as a “never-ending drama session. It’s a tic for tack, mudslinging, situation fueled by jealousy, envy, insecurities, psychological issues, drugs, etc.”

Offset's father blast Cardi B, blames her for family troubles lailasnews 2

In addition, he went on to admit that Offset’s legal troubles have led to his parent’s door being kicked in, their home being ransacked for a case they are trying to build against Offset, their entire street being blocked off, and their youngest daughter, Offset’s sister, being held hostage at gunpoint by the police.

Lastly, Offset’s father claims that Cardi B posted the picture of baby Kulture out of spite being that Offset was supposed to be the first to release her picture as apart of his album rollout.

Read Offset’s father’s entire Facebook post below:

It all looks like Cardi B is having a rethink as she took to her Insta-story today to confess on how she has been missing Offset, especially his manhood

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