Meghan Markle's old headshot and résumé resurface online, reveals unknown details about the Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's old headshot and résumé have resurfaced online, revealing new details about the Duchess of Sussex when she was still an upcoming actress.
The résumé was posted on Facebook by an unnamed user alongside a stunning black-and-white headshot of Meghan Markle

In the résumé, Meghan's height and weight was listed 5'6" and 113lbs, with her hair and eyes both described simply as 'brown'. Her special skills are kickboxing, tap, jazz dance and ballet among others.
Her professional TV experience in the résumé was limited to just two roles, her two-episode appearance on General Hospital in 2001, when she played a nurse named Jill, and her 2004 role on CBS's sci-fi legal drama Century City, in which she appeared as a party guest named Natasha.
Meghan Markle
The anonymous poster who shared the images on Facebook wrote:
'I had the pleasure the meet the lovely Meghan Markle several times as an agent but funny enough I couldn't convince the agency to sign her with just a few credits'. She kept calling. Hmmmm.
'I wondered today if her cell still works?' the poster continued, before adding that they 'really had an instinct about her so much that I had her headshot/resume and cell on file'.
The unknown person then jokes that they are going to 'try calling her tomorrow', adding that the 'least they can do is let the owner of her old cell number know'.
Meghan Markle

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