Pheephie Gold(Promise) To Feed Everyone With Good Music

After Releasing His Much Anticipated Single “Som Gye”, Pheephie Gold has promised music lovers that he is in to feed every soul with His dexterous musical versatility.
In a secret chat with your Most authoritative …..(name site/writer/blogger) from his ‘sumptuous music kitchen’ (studio), the ‘Som Gye’ hit maker said he is in to take both Ghanaian and African Music to the golden level.
The ‘Som Gye’ Hit maker said that he is not coming to compete with any musician, he is in to build upon and add potent musical nutrients to what has been cooked already, carry African music on His solid golden shoulders and serve them to the world.
“My Personal life, professional life and creative life are all intricately woven and synchronized together; as a creative chef I’m motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to compete and beat others. My personal ambition remains the same and unchanged – to be creative, maintain modernity, to stay one step ahead and allow everyone to enjoy nutritious and garnished musical life to the maximum. Vision is the true creative rhythm that keeps resonanting deep inside me.
I know music is ultimately the food for both the soul and the spirit. So I promise to feed everyone with Good Music”. Pheephie Gold(The Som Gye Hit Maker) is quoted as saying.
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