Education gives vulnerable children hope for a brighter future #GoBlue #WorldChildrensDay

Children are the most vulnerable when tragedy hits any area. Their pureness of heart and innocence lives a lot to be desired about them, we consistently turn a blind eye to all the happenings in our society. Children get killed, maimed, molested and deprived of their basic human rights. The statistic of out of school children is outrageous, according to the recent UNICEF report Nigeria has the highest number of Children who are not going to school.

In as much as some people might argue that education does not guarantee success, we cannot shy away from its importance. Education is the bedrock of every society. The ancient Greece capitalized on training and educating their young generation. This method helped them conquer many wars and preserved their culture and rich heritage.
The right of a child must be of topmost priority in every nation. 

We must all come together to ensure that every child has a voice, we must arise for the sake of every child’s survival. Look around you and see the decay, look closely and see the injustice, look inward and ask yourself what you have ever done to ensure the safety and protection of a child. We must ensure that children get the love, care and nurturing that the require for their growth and development.

From being used as domestic servants to being subjected to the harsh cruelty of being child soldiers, the injustice against children is countless. The early we realize that this kids are the future that we seek the more effort we would put into ensuring we do right by them. Let the children live, let them be educated, let them have shelter and food. These are their basic human rights and its sheer wickedness to deprive them. We must unite to create the change that we desire to see in the world.
Let’s arise for the defenseless and voiceless Children, let’s ensure that their tomorrow is greater than their today.

Education gives vulnerable children hope for a brighter future #GoBlue #WorldChildrensDay Education gives vulnerable children hope for a brighter future #GoBlue #WorldChildrensDay Reviewed by Adebanjo Shegun on November 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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