Actor Leye Kuti shows off new cars, talks about past challenges

Nollywood actor, Leye Kuti who took to Instagram to show off his new cars, recounted some challenges he faced in the past.

Actor Leye Kuti shows off new cars, talks about past challenges lailasnews

According to Leye Kuti, he couldn’t feed himself and pay his house rent. He further disclosed that he got so angry, sad and didn’t know how to fix his life not knowing God had bigger plans for him. He wrote;

Hello Fam, am not trying to flaunt my life or show off my achievements but I just can’t keep quiet about what the Lord Has done for me. Hence my thanking the Almighty endlessly.
To those who are going through a lot and think it’s over, there’s hope because many years back I also felt like it was over and just wished everything ended.
Even to feed was very difficult, housing same. I felt angry and sad and didn’t know who to go to or where to even start from.

But the Lord had something bigger in plan for me as I got up this faithful day, letting go off my pride and moved to egbeda, kept low and started from the scratch and I thank God I took that step because today all I give is THANKS!
I am eternally grateful and thankful to God cos he has blessed me and opened doors of opportunities. All I see/get is blessings upon blessings. For every celebration comes a gift of thanks.

My people depression is real. Don’t loose hope and think it’s over am here trying to reach out to anyone I can help by telling them there’s “HOPE”. Don’t think of taking your lives just believe everything will fall in place at the right time. The saying goes when there’s life there’s hope.
So please don’t give up just BELIEVE.
it can only get better! One Love … tin ba ra porch in mayokun’s voice

Actor Leye Kuti shows off new cars, talks about battling depression lailasnews 1

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