#instagramdown: Social network app goes down for an hour

The world’s largest photo-sharing site, Instagram suffered a huge setback just days after both of Instagram’s founders resigned.

#instagramdown_ Social network app goes down for an hour lailasnews

Just days after both of Instagram’s founders resigned from Facebook, and only one day after a new boss was appointed to the company, the site and its app crashed for over an hour.

Reports of the outage began to emerge just after 5pm AEST from Australia, Japan, India, America, the UK, and Europe, according to Aussie Outages.

The company’s website displayed nothing but a “5xx Server Error” message, and the app told users, “We’re sorry, but something went wrong”.

Independent website monitor, Down Detector, is showing a surge of issues with users currently unable to access or use the app.

Down Detector is an independent website which tracks social mentions around certain topics to detect outages across the globe.

Some users say they have tried to delete the app and reinstall it with this causing even bigger issues.

Users have flooded social media sites, including Twitter, to share their dismay with one Instagram fan saying:

“#instagram is down every one panic this is the end of the world run for you’re lives.”

Whilst another simply said: “Instagram down. Why ???”

The outage comes just days after over 50 million Facebook accounts were breached by hackers.

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