Kenyan Lady Advises Women On How To Get What They Want From Men (See How)

Kenyan fashion blogger Lisa Gaitho has touched the nerves of many women after she released a video advising them to be submissive to their men in every way.
Lisa, who is a back social media, after a brief hiatus, has left her fans in shock with relationship tips tat have divided opinion on social media.
In her latest vlog titled ” How to get what you want from your man”, Lisa generally advises women to be submissive to the men in their lives.
At some point, she springs up the controversial issue of women washing their men. This is what has stirred up the big debate.
“If he wants to go take his bath, literally wash him. Scrub him, don’t let him do anything, wash him, clean his ears, like how you would if he was a baby. Dry him and oil him,” she says.
In her video Lisa, who lives in Nigeria with her boyfriend, confesses that she cannot afford her lifestyle despite having her own income.
“I cannot afford to fly to amazing places or buy certain things, I cannot even afford my lifestyle, I have to face reality because I’m not there yet and will rely on a man to do it for me,” she adds.
There are those who dismissed her views out right:
I think Lisa Gaitho is trolling us and baiting us.
Because she literally made a video telling women to bathe their able bodied men.
How does that happen?
When do you start having that conversation?

You might as well chew his food for him and spit it in his mouth like a bird.
I couldn't finish watching Lisa Gaitho's YouTube video. Not sure how I feel about it. Sigh
Then there are some who concurred with her or atleast defended her position:
24hrs later, I hope no one is genuinely pressed about how Lisa Gaitho chooses to treat her man. I thought you guys said we should respect women & their choices - she made hers, stay consistent with that energy. 😂
Many ladies here castigating Lisa Gaitho. So much pretence!! That is what an average woman does!! Others do what cannot be printed here! Stop lying people!! She is just honest.
@lisagaitho has been getting mad heat from the chicks lakini the jamaaz are here for it. After getting a male perspective of what she said, I just realized its all about figuring out what your man's love language is and making sure that his love tank is full.

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